Chartwell works collaboratively with a diverse mix of multinational corporations, trade associations, and domestic companies to achieve their goals by providing strategic support in a range of public affairs disciplines.

Government Relations

Our team brings a longstanding, bipartisan relationship network to help clients navigate power centers at the federal and state level. In today’s rapidly changing political environment, successful advocacy requires experienced partners and sophisticated strategies. Based on in-depth public policy analysis, Chartwell develops compelling narratives to align with decision-maker priorities.

Chartwell’s holistic approach combines direct advocacy outreach with detailed stakeholder mapping. We ensure that well-crafted messages reach the appropriate audience through multiple channels. Chartwell excels in educating policymakers, and helping clients predict and prepare for political and regulatory policy shifts

Political Risk Management

The ability to effectively assess and navigate political risk has never been more important to the success of corporate and government leaders. Chartwell’s experts have extensive experience developing strategies that manage political risk for the world’s most influential companies and countries.

We do not just identify potential political and regulatory risks, we develop strategies to help mitigate those risks and, when possible, turn them into positive opportunities for our clients.Chartwell brings expertise in political risk management for companies across an array of sectors, including companies pursuing high-profile investments in the US and around the world.

Strategic communications

Our strategists craft compelling narratives for our clients and ensure their voice is heard across all forms of media. Whether our clients seek to drive broad public awareness or reach a targeted audience, we chart the stakeholders that matter and develop messaging that influences, persuades, and shapes outcomes.

In an increasingly cluttered news environment, we find creative ways to bring our clients’ messages to market. Most importantly, our experience and relationships with journalists, editors, and opinion leaders achieve results. Our team has drafted op-eds that have been published by top-tier media outlets in the US and globally.

Reputation Management

Chartwell works alongside CEOs and senior leadership of major companies and institutions to enhance and protect their organizations’ reputations.Chartwell excels in intelligence gathering within political, government, media, and business circles. Drawing on these insights, we help our clients resolve seemingly insurmountable challenges, leverage opportunities they may not have known existed, and provide strategic counsel during critical moments.

Our experience has shown that successful reputation management requires anticipating issues before they arise, inoculating against them, and communicating with clarity and confidence. We develop dynamic strategies that enable clients to do just that. Moreover, we move quickly and work discreetly to help our clients manage reputational challenges in real time as they evolve.

International Affairs

The Chartwell team has advised and managed successful political and public affairs campaigns throughout the world. We provide expert public affairs, advocacy, and strategic advisory services to governments, corporations, and individuals with global profiles.

Rooted in a sophisticated understanding of international affairs, business, and politics, Chartwell helps clients effectively engage, communicate, and build relationships with US policymakers and opinion leaders. Our team has a successful track record of shaping the public dialogue on major US foreign policy and global issues.


Chartwell provides clients integrated digital strategies and services to advance their business and policy goals including: digital and social advocacy; targeted online advertising; and grasstops and grassroots mobilization, to amplify your message with credible, authentic “Outside the Beltway” voices.

The Chartwell team has a successful track record of groundbreaking and results-driven digital work. We seamlessly integrate digital into public relations, crisis communications, and grassroots lobbying efforts for clients across an array of sectors, including healthcare, financial services, energy, defense, technology, nonprofits, and government.